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The holidays are in full swing and everyone is scrambling to find the perfect gift for their sister, brother, aunt, cousin, mom — you name it.  There are gift guides galore and just about everyone is offering holiday deals to pressure you into buying that new gadget that your dad will never use.   Well, this year maybe it makes sense to spend your money wisely and give a gift that keeps on giving.  A gift that is meaningful and captures a moment in time.  A gift that will preserve a wonderful memory for someone you love.


Ben Larrabee is the perfect gift to give this holiday season.  He is a nationally recognized portrait photographer who specializes in photographing people and families.  His images are found not only in some of the finest homes from Santa Barbara to Chicago to New York but also in the permanent collections of museums including the MoMA and the Museaum of Fine Arts in Boston.


His work is unlike other portrait photographers because he has a way of seeing people and showing their inner spirit.  He calls his work “Moments of Grace”


A photo of Ben on the other side of the camera at Rooms with a View 2012.

A stunning photo of horses printed on kozo paper and then hand shaped and contoured – this is incredible in person!



Young couple



Ben also worked on a series called ‘Faces of Light’ with women from Greenwich and Darien, CT who are all breast cancer survivors.  The images and their stories are incredible.  The entire series can be seen on his website.  You can also read the numerous and wonderful testimonials from clients and learn more about Ben and where he got started.  The photos above are a few examples of the wonderful portraits he has taken over the years!

For more information about commissioning Ben Larrabee for a portrait session you can contact him here

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interior designer Scottsdale AZ 14 Dec 12 at 12:52 pm

A beautiful photo of your family can be the greatest gift anyone can receive.It can last forever and can capture a perfect time in a life. These pictures are beautiful, and I love how they capture a simple time in life and can always be looked back on and cherished.

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