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Tuesday, July 30, 2013 | Category: Uncategorized

It’s truly amazing how quickly summer flies by every year, but here we are again, in the last month of the most anticipated time of year (in the Northeast).    This is the month that most people like to save for vacation and I don’t blame them – it’s the perfect way to end your summer.  So lately I’ve been hearing  “We’re off to Nantucket” or “Heading to our summer house on the lake for a couple weeks”.. So, seeing as I have no summer house or plans to vacation in August I thought I’d take some time to fantasize about a house I’d like to be at over the next couple of weeks.  Is it so wrong to get away even if it’s just in my head?  I didn’t think so.  One can dream…



This seems so simple yet so perfect


A retreat that I’m imagining to be on the water and if not, I’d still take it


A quaint cabin on an inlet or a lake


“Perfect Porch” is an understatement.  I’d log in many naps on this hammock


Something a little more modern and perfectly lit at dusk

star house

A rustic cabin and fresh water to bathe in

water front

Pure delight


A log cabin I wouldn’t mind escaping to

large chair

I’d most likely sleep on this over-sized chaise


A dock to fish on

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