One Kings Lane has launched their first ever online marketplace for Vintage & Market Finds selected by the country’s top collectors and dealers.  The site feature will offer sales up to 70% off the retail value for premium antique furniture, decor, accessories, art and more.  It’s the perfect spot to find those rare pieces that you can’t quite afford in the antique shop.  Take a look today and see for yourself how OKL has done it again!  There’s a reason they’re the leading flash sale site for the home market 😉

Check out some of my favorite  OKL Vintage & Market Finds

Amazing South African tapestry

Mixed media artwork

Antique horns

Red lacquered tabouret

White opaline table lamps

Asian inspired teak console table

Chinoiserie hall chairs

What are you waiting for?  Head to OKL now and start shopping for your one of kind vintage finds.


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I was fortunate enough to attend the private preview party for the arts and antiques show at the armory last night and although most of the dealers had  stunning collections of furniture, jewelry, textiles and art, one gallery stood out amongst the rest for me.  Rumi Gallery that is located in both Canada and Stamford, CT had the most amazing modern art pieces on display so I had to share some of the work I saw.

Monet Door by Harold Barling Town

Blue and Red – Stewart Halley

Urban Ocean – Stewart Halley

Blind Dates – Nicholas Malcolm

Palm Sisters Dyptych – Nicholas Malcolm

Metal Guru – Nicholas Malcolm

Castaneb – Nicholas Malcolm

Poconos – Nicholas Malcolm

Please take a look for yourself at Rumi Gallery to see their collection of fine art and antiques.  You won’t be disappointed!  If you’re in NYC and have time to visit the show at the armory. it’s on all weekend.  I highly recommend swinging through if you need anything for yourself or a client.  It’s a great mixture of dealers so there’s something for everyone.  For more information visit the website here.

The First Congregational Church of Darien is having their annual Antique Show this Saturday and Sunday, March 5th and 6th.  If you’re in the area, don’t miss out on numerous vendors who bring a variety of antiques that include furniture, art, ceramics, estate jewelry, silver and more!  There’s something for everyone so stop by to find a rare treasure that you can take home.  For more information and directions please visit the website at:  Here’s a sneak peak of some of the fabulous things you can find:

beautiful botanicals


one of a kind starburst mirror


 gorgeous silver candesticks


for the sailor in your family


chest of drawers

Happy Antiquing!


I’m sure a lot of you out there have a chest of drawers or a dresser that’s been sitting in a bedroom for years and it’s there because it fills the space and is useful but you can’t stand the sight of it!  It may have been passed down from your parents or something you found at a yard sale or maybe it was something you once liked but it’s now beyond dated. Wait! Don’t throw it away!  One of the easiest and quickest ways to freshen up a dresser is by painting it and changing the hardware.  You’ll be amazed with the end result and in awe that it’s even the same piece.  Check out this dresser that I transformed for a friend of mine for a total cost of $58.


Here’s the dresser before.  It’s a perfectly solid piece with some nice lines that needs a little love

Phase I – I used a light sand paper to sand it down to give it a nice smooth paint surface

Phase II – I sprayed/coated it with a beautiful silver paint


Phase III – I added some knobs from Anthropologie and Voila!

All it takes is a few dollars, a little time and a little creativity.

It’s no mystery why Sixx Design is so successful in designing their downtown chic homes in NYC.  The question is, how are they able to do it all with 7 kids?  If gut renovating, designing and flipping houses while raising a HUGE family in NYC is as easy as they make it seem, I think we’d all sign up.  Well, maybe not everyone.. but those who love design and kids!  Robert and Cortney Novogratz have stolen the spotlight on Bravo and have just about EVERYONE raving.  This family is certainly one to admire, with their cool and calm approach to both work and parenting.  I’d hang out with them, work for them and even watch their kids (for a day!).  Who knows..seeing as I live around the corner!  Until then, I can admire their work from afar.  Here are a few of my favorites:

This Thursday, April 29 Elle Decor and B&B Italia present an art SALE that will help ACRIA fight AIDS.  The sale will be held at the iconic Manhattan House at 200 East 66th Street (2nd ave) from 6-9p and is only $20 at the door.  The main event will feature a series of original signed works by an extensive list of artists starting at $100.  You can improve your home with beautiful art work while supporting a great cause at the same time.  It’s a great way to shop without feeling guilty.

Since my post a couple of months ago on masculine decor got such a great response, I have decided to write a “Part Deux” on the subject, and also feature a great store in New York City called “Mantiques”. Ingenious name!

Here is some of the macho-classic decor they sell…

19th century lions head

19th Century bronze lion’s head


Animal motifs are very man-chic.  It’s a way for them to say that if they lived in the early 19th century, they could have been an adventurer back when Hemingway epitomized the classic macho man.

robert passal

This vignette puts the theory into context. This room by Robert Passal is very masculine-sexy with the animal motifs used in contrast with the romaticized nudes on the wall. It definitely gives you the sense that this man has interests beyond football and beer, and that is a beautiful thing!

English telescope

Another Mantiques treasure and archetypal “manccesory” is the telescope.  It again goes back to wanting to be that free spirited adventurer, rather than just “Bob in accounting”.

Revolver Trade sign

Ah, the gun.  A perfect expression to the world that there is nothing emasculate about its owner, and I so prefer it as a mounted piece of art rather than tucked inside your nightstand.


Giant hobnail safe

Antique steel studded safe. SO SEXY!

Michelle Boyer Table

Steel Michelle Boyer table, also sexy!


Thinking YOU are a stud, NOT SEXY!

Sexy Masculine Interiors:

eric piasecki

Comfortable, sophisticated, and clean strong lines. A perfect specimen.

David Hicks House beautiful, coca cola brown walls

David Hick’s apartment. Sexy! The neutrals make a masculine interior timeless!


This interior has some feminine touches like the French Baroque chair, but the neutrals and the black and white detailing on the walls accentuating the architecture is definitely a masculine aesthetic.

miles reddd

A sexy man loves to read and books make a great accessory! Miles Redd exemplified this here in his master bedroom. I like how they are just sort of unkempt, like he was browsing through them and didn’t put them back yet.  It shows he actually does read them!

hudson hotel

The very Man-Chic library at the Hudson Hotel in NYC.

hudson 2

Notice the HUGE metal light fixture (another example of their love affair with steel).  This is what I wish most men defined as a “mancave”. However, their definition looks more like this…


All hail the flatscreen! The funny thing is, that if you show these guys what a masculine, sexy room could look like, they DO like it!  They just can’t do it themselves.

(Thank god we are here to help! )

Getting them to read something other than Sports Illustrated, or to wear something that actually fits like it’s suppose to, or even to take the trash out without being asked…well, that’s another story, just try to remember, it’s not going to happen overnight. It takes YEARS!  My husband still has about five years left on his (my) plan, but we are making GREAT progress! Ten years in and he can now pick up after himself (no heavy cleaning though), he puts the toilet seat down about 80% of the time now, and he can even put his clothes away by himself  (even if it takes a few days), but the point is, we ARE making progress!

Baby steps, baby steps!  Good luck ladies! 😉

I finally made it out to one of New York  City’s many amazing flea markets, The GreenFlea, on the upper west side on the corner of Columbus and 77th. The company I had blogged about a couple weeks ago, Divine Chair, was there and the owner, Kitty, had told me it was a good one to go to.  Flea Markets have been becoming more and more popular and you can find all kinds of big name interior designers, magazine editors, and of course bloggers, browsing through booth after booth of one-of-a-kind finds trying to find that something special for a project, their next blog, and here’s what I found…



The owner, Jennifer Toledo, specializes in antique beds, chandeliers, mirrors, and other vintage pieces that are so my style (French inspired, Glam, and Fabulous). The beds are around $600 a piece and the mirrors are anywhere from $90-$250 depending on size and style. She unfortunately does not have a website (Don’t worry, I told her she needs one!) but you can find her at the Green Flea every Sunday along the 77th St fence.

Here is her contact info too, in case you can make it to the flea…

Jennifer Toledo 917-628-0300


These chrome (maybe nickel??) beds are pretty cool and I have never seen anything like them before. These would work in any of those “masculine decor” rooms I blogged about a few weeks ago.


Adorable little side table. Perfect for a haute-femme bedroom nightstand! Pair it with a large upholstered headboard!


…and speaking of headboards, here is another great one! She said she has hundreds of beds in storage just waiting to be snatched up.   So if you don’t see anything that works for you here, then just give her a call!