Wash The Winter Blues Away

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Every year Winter hits us (without much warning) like a ton of bricks.  The first snowfall is magical and we’re quickly reminded of all the things Winter has to offer: skiing, sledding, snowball fights, hot chocolate, warm sweaters, fuzzy boots and fires.  It’s certainly a time of year that, although cold —  very, very cold —  can bring a lot of fun through outdoor activities with family and friends.  However,  these long and cold days tend to drag on and on, and as soon as the groundhog sees his shadow (expressing 6 more weeks of winter) I think we’re all ready for that first day of Spring.  With that being said, I was recently inspired by an artist, Kerri Rosenthal, who doesn’t live too far from where I grew up in CT. Her warm, expressive paintings not only bring brightness and cheer to a space but they also have an incredible way of lifting your spirits when you enter the room.  Colors speak volumes and can transform your space and your mood on a cold Winter’s day.  Take a look at some of Kerri’s work below and if your Winter is dragging on like most of us in the NorthEast, it might be time to illuminate your days and remind yourself that Spring is just around the corner.


KR 1

KR 2

KR 3

KR 6

KR 7

KR 8

KR 9

KR 10

KR 11

KR 12

KR 13

KR 15

If these paintings and colors don’t brighten your mood and prepare you for warmer days ahead, I don’t know what will.  Not only will a fresh new painting bring inspiration and happiness to your mind but it will breathe new light in your home – that just might be needing a boost of sunshine.  For more information on Kerri and her artwork you can visit her site here.



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Cuckoo for Camo

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I’m recently obsessed with anything camouflage which may or may not be trending at the moment — but I’m not sure it matters when it comes to Andy Warhol’s camo prints.  If you like anything Andy Warhol, you’re going to love these prints.  Full of color and movement these pieces can certainly pack a punch.  The versatility is endless too — I can see these prints in a living room, a playroom, a kitchen, a kids room, a den..you get the point.  If you can’t afford the real deal, there are plenty of reproduction prints for sale at places like art.com – just make sure you frame it so it looks like an original 😉


bright green

The lime greens make me think of Spring which puts a smile on my face


A whole lotta fluorescent


A smaller scaled camo

hot pink

Anything fuschia is bound to brighten a space


A series of colorful camos – genius!


These skateboards would be great in the kids space

warhol camo

Look what it does to a rather bland kitchen

I guess I’ve got a project ahead of me!  I’m thinking I’ll give this Warhol thing a whirl

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The Power of One Piece of Art

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Most people struggle to find that one piece of furniture or the right throw pillows that are going to help complete their space — without realizing that one single piece of art can do the trick.  House Beautiful recently posted an article showing four different spaces that are dramatically improved by artwork.  Take a look at these four spaces as well as four additional spaces I found that will show you how to transform your space.  Art is of course very personal, so I’ll leave that up to you, but I suggest spending the money on your walls.  It changes the space and often gets people talking if it’s placed in the right spot


art 1

This rather neutral room is quickly brightened with pops of yellow, red and azure

art 2

The bright orange velvet chair is brought to life with its accompanying bright painting

art 3

This entry without art would be exceptionally bland

art 4

This is a nice play on both color and geometrics

hb art 1

While this art is simple it still brings a sense of completion

hb art 2

Big and bold

hb art 3

This art brings the golds, blues and greys full circle

hb art 4

Don’t be afraid to do anything oversize

The Affordable Art Fair in NYC

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It’s that time of year again – The Affordable Art Fair will be in full swing from Oct. 3-6 and will have a variety of pieces ranging from $100-$10,000 so there’s something for everyone.  General Admission is just $15 and it’s well worth the trip.  Whether you’re looking for yourself or someone special, it’s the perfect time of year to get a jump start on your holiday shopping.  The fair is located at The Tunnel, 269 11th Avenue and you can purchase tickets in advance here


art fair

mixed media on canvas

Vintage & Market Finds

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One Kings Lane has launched their first ever online marketplace for Vintage & Market Finds selected by the country’s top collectors and dealers.  The site feature will offer sales up to 70% off the retail value for premium antique furniture, decor, accessories, art and more.  It’s the perfect spot to find those rare pieces that you can’t quite afford in the antique shop.  Take a look today and see for yourself how OKL has done it again!  There’s a reason they’re the leading flash sale site for the home market 😉

Check out some of my favorite  OKL Vintage & Market Finds

Amazing South African tapestry

Mixed media artwork

Antique horns

Red lacquered tabouret

White opaline table lamps

Asian inspired teak console table

Chinoiserie hall chairs

What are you waiting for?  Head to OKL now and start shopping for your one of kind vintage finds.

Bright and Playful

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I found another artist (Mimi Chen Ting) who brightened up my day so I had to share her playful pieces with you.  I can see these compositions and colors in all kinds of rooms and spaces – especially if it’s on the traditional side and you’re looking to make a modern statement.  Take a look at her work through Elisa Contemporary Art Gallery and let me know how you feel after a viewing.  It should be cheery!

Art Spotting

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I’m back on the art hunt – this time I’m looking for something colorful and bold for a nursery and as I’m browsing through, what feels like the entire world wide web, I came across this print gallery that caught my attention.  Cozamia has a variety of art filled with beauty and energy and it’s sure to brighten up your space.

Yellow Korner

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I woke up this morning happy to see that the sun was shining and that the day was going to be a perfect 66 degrees.  Sundays are the perfect day to walk around the city and in and out of stores in hopes of finding something new and different (and affordable!).  Although YellowKorner gallery has been around since July of 2010, today was my first visit inside and I have to say I was very impressed with the entire collection.  Their concept is simple: To introduce the greatest photographers from all over the world and to increase the number of copies to make it accessible to all.  It’s simply brilliant!

Mykonos Beach by Richard Silver

Avel, St. Tropez by Jonathan Critchley

Vosges I by Friedrich Gier

La Fille au Parapluie Rouge by Matthieu Casimiri

Please visit the website to see the entire collection, there’s obviously much, much more — and if you’re in New York you must visit the gallery in Soho or the gallery at the Short Hills Mall in NJ.  There’s something for everyone so now you have no excuses as to why you aren’t collecting art.  Make your home a happy home by adding something spectacular to your walls!

Affordable Art

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It’s almost time for one of the best Art Fairs in NYC where everyone gets an opportunity to buy a great piece of art at a great price.  The pieces start at $100 so if you’re a first time buyer, don’t be shy.  The fair runs from May 5-8 and is located at 7 W. 34th Street.  Please click here for more information!

A Love Affair with an Artist

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I’ve been shopping around a lot lately for abstract photographs and paintings for clients and I’ve seen some of the worst and best stuff out there – but this artist blew me away!  The colors, the composition, the ease (i think) at which she paints – it’s amazing!  Thanks to High Gloss Magazine for featuring such a great artist.  Take a look at Michelle Armas’ work and let me know what you think. 

 These paintings would snazzy up any room and be a great pop of modern color in a more traditional space

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