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There are so many amazing fabrics out there it’s hard to decide how exactly you want your bed dressed every day.  Do you choose a fun and colorful fabric for your headboard and keep the bedding on the simpler side?  Or do you keep the headboard simple and solid so you can mix and match with your bedding and easily swap it out when you need a change?  This is a battle that a lot of my clients have until one day they make the decision to just go with what they love.  Which way would you go?

This bold and colorful headboard is that of Michelle Adams from Lonny Magazine and I think it was a great choice!

photo via effortless style

The shape can sometimes speak for itself so the simpler the fabric, the better

While the headboard has some flare, this room is still very soothing

It’s almost like a puzzle piece

A whole lot of bold thrown in one bedroom for the daring

The height on this headboard adds an element

Simple headboard, splashes everywhere else

Whatever you decide, i hope your bed allows you to sleep well at night!

When I think of bunk beds I immediately think of kids rooms and overflow in a ski or beach house — most people want to pack as many friends and family in their vacation home so why not create a designated space for the kids to hang out in.  There are all kinds of fun and creative ways to make this space friendly, safe and inventive.  If the kids love it, they might actually want to go to bed when you tell them to!

Simple and sophisticated so they don’t outgrow it!

Adorable nautical themed room with a stunning white bunk – check out the cleets that are being used as drawer pulls

Feels like another boat to me!  perfect for the spillover

Now here’s a bunk design that is great for adults – so chic!

Whatever the case may be – don’t count out bunk beds when you’re renovating or trying to maximize the sleeping space in your house.  It’s a great way to pack in the people and you can get your contractor to build you just about anything.  Let your imagination fly!

One of the best aspects of the bedroom is the bed where you lay your head every night to sleep.  It’s the one thing and the one place you can honestly say you’re going to use every day – hopefully for at least 8 hours.  With that being said, why not make your bed a stylish and comfortable spot to rest and install that upholstered headboard you’ve been dreaming about.  They come in all shapes and sizes and the best part is you can dream up and create your own shape!  If you’re extra crafty and can handle a big project there are all kinds of instructions on the internet that show you how to make your own headboard.  However,  if you know what you want but don’t quite have the patience or the skills- ask your local upholsterer to make it for you.  Take a look at some of the different headboards below and decide which style best fits your head!


Sleep tight!

Fish scales are on my mind recently and i think it’s a combination of the weather and the fact that my friend told me she has to wear a mermaid style bridesmaid dress in an upcoming wedding.  Let’s be honest, not many people can pull this look off…J Lo might be able to but it’s just cruel to put your average figured bridesmaids in it.

Luckily, in design, you get to dress up your walls and floors and tabletops and it doesn’t matter what your figure looks like.  Here are some fish scale items for your home that will definitely make a splash.

Herend china

Coco fish scale lamps from H&H collection

Salt & Pepper shakers from That’s So Perfect

Lucite tray also from That’s So Perfect

LuLu Dk  Tulah bedding from Matouk

Bath tiles from Portland Cement Company

Wallpaper from Secondhand Rose

I finally made it out to one of New York  City’s many amazing flea markets, The GreenFlea, on the upper west side on the corner of Columbus and 77th. The company I had blogged about a couple weeks ago, Divine Chair, was there and the owner, Kitty, had told me it was a good one to go to.  Flea Markets have been becoming more and more popular and you can find all kinds of big name interior designers, magazine editors, and of course bloggers, browsing through booth after booth of one-of-a-kind finds trying to find that something special for a project, their next blog, and here’s what I found…



The owner, Jennifer Toledo, specializes in antique beds, chandeliers, mirrors, and other vintage pieces that are so my style (French inspired, Glam, and Fabulous). The beds are around $600 a piece and the mirrors are anywhere from $90-$250 depending on size and style. She unfortunately does not have a website (Don’t worry, I told her she needs one!) but you can find her at the Green Flea every Sunday along the 77th St fence.

Here is her contact info too, in case you can make it to the flea…

Jennifer Toledo 917-628-0300


These chrome (maybe nickel??) beds are pretty cool and I have never seen anything like them before. These would work in any of those “masculine decor” rooms I blogged about a few weeks ago.


Adorable little side table. Perfect for a haute-femme bedroom nightstand! Pair it with a large upholstered headboard!


…and speaking of headboards, here is another great one! She said she has hundreds of beds in storage just waiting to be snatched up.   So if you don’t see anything that works for you here, then just give her a call!

I have noticed that with the whole  recession going on, there is one thing that my clients still can’t go without, and that is a fabulous bed!

A great bed can transform a room from drab to fab, and even though your mattress may be the same, you sleep soooooo much better! It’s all psychological, but hey, whatever works!

Here are some of my favorite beds from luxurious, to over-the-top, to downright sexy!  And as you will see, not all beds were made for sleeping 😉

French Tufted Bed

French Tufted Bed

One of my favorites! This bed just looks so comfortable, doesn’t it! I could sleep for DAYS on that bed! What I would give to just sleep at all these days! (The kids like to wake up early!…like 5am early! ugh…they didn’t get that from my side of the family!)
I really love the color scheme in this room too! It’s like a breathe of fresh air (OMG, did I just say that! So corny, but it’s true!)

Bedroom by Jonathan Adler

Bedroom by Jonathan Adler

The King of OVER-THE-TOP himself, Mr. Jonathan Adler! What a freakin’ bed! I want to see a picture of the people that sleep on this thing! So wild! That headboard is gorgeous and I can see it working beautifully in a million different rooms.

I think I would have some pretty cool dreams in this bed! This is a perfect example of a bed “making the room”. It’s all you need really!

This is my personal idea of heaven! I LOVE this bed! I would throw some crazy wallpaper behind it, but other than that it is PERFECT! Graham and Greene make this bed as well as my furniture company, Liv-Chic.

Horchow makes this Baroque beauty and my furniture company also makes the same one!

Ok, I changed my mind , THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE! Oly Studio has done it again! All hail OLY!  I might never wake up if I fell asleep here!

Total Hollywood Glam! These last two beds remind me of Nicky and Paris Hilton’s homes by Faye Resnick! Can’t you just see those two having a pillow fight in here! (Nicky would kick Paris’ A!)


…And like I said, some beds weren’t made for sleeping!


Need Help, In The Bedroom!

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No, not THAT kind of help!! Decorating help! I know what most of you are thinking; “a designer needs help designing?”, but the truth is many of us are good at making decisions for our clients but not for ourselves. I’ve found that when it comes to my bedroom I just can’t commit!

So I’ve gone back to the drawing board and wanted to share some images of bedrooms that I like. While I find the first two quite relaxing and peaceful I have a feeling my hubby will nix them for being too feminine.

I like how dark and romantic this one is but I think it could make it even more difficult to get out of bed every morning.

So this one seems like a nice combination of romance and fun with the dark walls and red accents. But my instincts tell me the husband would still not approve.

OK, so what about this color palette? A nice mix of the relaxing light blues from above, neutral fabrics that aren’t too feminine, and some accents of dark turquoise and red. I could work with this and clearly I have a thing for blue!

And my final option (for you, dear husband) neutral gray-blue walls and a pop of something on the bed! The wall color is masculine while the bedding has a more feminine touch without being too girly.

So enough of this floundering, let’s make up our minds and get to work in the bedroom! (I know he won’t argue with that!)

Photos courtesy of Domino and Apartment Therapy.