A new year is approaching and it’s time to start thinking about what we want to change — not only in ourselves but in our home which will ultimately help create a happy and warm environment for us to thrive in.  We all start with the obvious resolutions such as: get healthy, cut back on the sweets and liquor, be nicer because everyone is battling something and be more charitable, to name a few. This year, why not make a resolution to fix up your home so that every time you walk through the door or go to bed at night you can feel complete.  There’s a lot to be said for selecting the right colors, the right lighting and a few things that are trending so your house doesn’t feel like it’s stuck in the late 80’s.  It only takes a few accessories or a fresh coat of paint to make these changes so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.  Better yet, if you have friends who are looking to give more and be more charitable – put em to work!  Helping friends accomplish a project can be very rewarding and they get to enjoy the results every time they come to visit.  Not to mention free bragging rights.   This is the year to make your house a home.


pantone colors 2014

The first step might be to look at the colors for Spring 2014 so that you’re selecting things that are right on trend.  Bring these colors into your throw pillows, smaller furnishings, window treatments and walls.  You’ll be able to talk shop and coordinate with your clothes and handbags!

black and white stripes

A bold black and white stripe is sure to grab attention and it’s very on trend.  Think strong contrast and bold stripes

bright yellow

Bright yellow or “freesia” is just about as hot as it gets these days.  Don’t be afraid to add this bright pop of sunshine

chevron pattern floors

Chevron has been and still remains to be trendy so why not do a subtle version with the layout of your wood floors.  It will help create something new and fresh while remaining timeless

glam in the kitchen

Add a little glam to your kitchen with the back splash, lighting or hardware.  It’s all about the jewelry in the room

mixing metals

I’ve always been a believer in mixing your metals and thankfully it’s now being deemed as appropriate and trendy


Radiant Orchid is perfect for the kids bunk room or a playroom where you can have some fun and be more daring

yellow door

Say goodbye to those boring wood cabinets and doors and give them some life with a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware.  You can transform your kitchen in a matter of days and make it look like a million bucks

dark walls

Don’t be afraid to paint the walls in a dark navy.  You’ve got enough “bright” in the room with the ceiling, trim, and other furnishings to keep it airy and light.  A rich, saturated wall makes a nice statement


The powder room is the best place to do a funky wallpaper so go for the large geometric pattern you can’t stop thinking about!

These are just a few ideas and there are plenty more out there.  Let’s make 2014 a year to remember and finish those projects you’ve been putting off for way too long now.  I promise you’ll rest easier at night 😉

Yellow Korner

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I woke up this morning happy to see that the sun was shining and that the day was going to be a perfect 66 degrees.  Sundays are the perfect day to walk around the city and in and out of stores in hopes of finding something new and different (and affordable!).  Although YellowKorner gallery has been around since July of 2010, today was my first visit inside and I have to say I was very impressed with the entire collection.  Their concept is simple: To introduce the greatest photographers from all over the world and to increase the number of copies to make it accessible to all.  It’s simply brilliant!

Mykonos Beach by Richard Silver

Avel, St. Tropez by Jonathan Critchley

Vosges I by Friedrich Gier

La Fille au Parapluie Rouge by Matthieu Casimiri

Please visit the website to see the entire collection, there’s obviously much, much more — and if you’re in New York you must visit the gallery in Soho or the gallery at the Short Hills Mall in NJ.  There’s something for everyone so now you have no excuses as to why you aren’t collecting art.  Make your home a happy home by adding something spectacular to your walls!

I’m loving this temporary wallpaper by Tempaper on SALE at Joss & Main today! It’s temporary wallpaper that has the same quality and durability as regular wallpaper yet it can be applied and removed within minutes!  What a great idea for a rented space or a space you’re not completely willing to commit long term to..

Edie in Frosted Teal



The 7th annual Design On a Dime Event  kicked off last night at the Metropolitan Pavillion and thanks to Valspar and One Kings Lane (2 of many sponsors), I was able to attend the VIP cocktail hour.  Each vignette (54 total) was filled with items that were donated by retailers and designers who generously make this event a success by raising money for Housing Works who helps homeless and low income New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS.  I know the event was SOLD OUT (over 1600 guests) and the line was a block long at one point, so let’s hope it was a record breaking year!

The crowd certainly did not seem shy last night, in fact, as I was walking out/cashing out on the items I picked up I noticed a gentlemen (dressed to the nines in a fancy suit) doing the running man in front of the DJ booth.  The drinks were flowing and DJ Jazzy Jeff made sure to spin the right tunes.  Nothing wrong with a little alcohol and dance music to get people in the mood to buy!  Don’t get fancy just get dancy..

So among all 54 vignettes I captured a few of my favorites which I’d like to share with you.  I wasn’t able to get them all but the event is now open to the public free of charge, and although a lot was sold and cleared out last night there are still bargains to be had!  Visit the Housing Works website for more information on hours and directions.

Tilton Fenwick (Suysel Cunningham and Anne Maxwell Foster) did a smashing job with their “blogger’s office” which was front and center as you walked into the Pavillion.  Hats off to this talented duo who looked just as gorgeous as their vignette last night!

From left to right: Ryan Foster (husband of Anne Maxwell Foster),  Kristine Maxwell (mother of AMF), Suysel Cunningham, Anne Maxwell Foster, Dave Cunningham (husband of SC).  Tilton Fenwick girls are carrying KAGE clutches which is a must have for your wardrobe!

Wall Fabric: Brunschwig & Fils’ “Seychelles”, Desk Chair: Hickory Chair’s “Adam Chair”, Painting on desk: Alex Schuchard, desk: The New Traditionalists “Desk No. 2”

Etagere: Antiques by Zaar, pillow fabric: Brunschwig & Fils’ “Fan Fair’, Sofa: Kravet “Medley Sofa”

Andy Cohen and One Kings Lane created a fabulous cozy den with some rather “flashy” artwork on the walls

Miles Redd can do no wrong with color and composition!


Ralph Lauren keeps it cool with navy and white florals and chevron patterns

Katie Ridder’s den with wonderful bright reds and oranges

Bradley Stephen’s Interior Design pulled off this fantastic studio apartment which goes to show living in NYC with no space isn’t all the bad!!??

Marisa Marcantonio of Stylebeat chatting it up with Miles Redd!  Get any good tips Marisa?

Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid noted for her charitable work, cosmetics and wife of musician David Bowie

All in all, it was a great evening and I was glad to be involved.  Thank you to the benefit committee and all the sponsors, Housing Works volunteers and Designers who, without you, this event and great benefit would not exist. 

Affordable Art

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It’s almost time for one of the best Art Fairs in NYC where everyone gets an opportunity to buy a great piece of art at a great price.  The pieces start at $100 so if you’re a first time buyer, don’t be shy.  The fair runs from May 5-8 and is located at 7 W. 34th Street.  Please click here for more information!

Calypso St. Barth’s at Target

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Mark your calenders for the introduction of an island-inspired Calypso St. Barth’s line at Target.  It will be available at most Target stores from May 1 – June 11 and I suggest you get there early before the collection is swiped clean.  Below are the items I know I’ll be purchasing


 colorful glass tea lights for $2.99

gold pouf for $59.99


serving bowl $12.99


Not A Gallery

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So I’m working away today and my buzzer goes off which usually means it’s FedEx, UPS or the exterminator.  Not this time.  A mysterious man shows up at my door with a package and says he’s from ‘Not A Gallery’.   He kindly hands me the package and off he goes.   I immediately open it up, thinking it will be another catalogue from a vendor who’s trying to get my business, and to my surprise there’s a piece of art inside (see below).  It’s a sample,  what they call a “miniature artwork sample” and it’s fantastic!

Justin Belmont, a 27 -year-old digital artist has a mission:  To prove that original art can be exciting and contemporary without being expensive.  All of his work is mounted on a 2″ deep birch wood and coated with a unique hand-painted acrylic and each piece ranges in price from $249-$699 depending on the size.  Take a look at his collection on the website and place an order so you can see for yourself how great and original his work can look in your own home!  Here are a few other examples of his art, but as I said, you can browse his full collection here.  Thanks for stopping by (Justin, was that you?) and sharing your work with me and all of the material girl fans 😉




So as it turns out, one of the stenciled floors I posted last week (the turquoise bathroom with white medallions) was a stencil created and sold by Sunny Goode.  She designs these stencils to make it fun and easy for you to create a whimsical touch on your walls, your floors, your furniture – wherever your heart desires!  Check out Sunny’s website for more decorative paint ideas and products.  Looks as though she’s come up with some pretty bright ideas!

Target strikes again.  Dwell Studio, John Derian, Liberty of London..What’s next?  If you’re looking to spice up a room on a small budget don’t forget to shop at Target for those necessary and affordable items that just might make your dull room shine!  I’ve selected my top 10 list below and will be doing plenty of holiday shopping online with the bullseye free shipping!

Carlyle wall mirror

Chevron throw pillow by Dwell Studio

Suzanni bedding by Dwell Studio

Floral rug

Liberty of London throw pillow

Thomas O’Brien linen stiped sheers

Tear drop lamp

Chandelier wall decal

Outdoor wicker furniture

John Derian – all of it!


Looking for a change but don’t want to break the bank on this project?  Why not paint the floor in your powder room or or entry hall or guest bedroom or wherever you’re dying to mix things up.  It’s something you can do yourself if you carve out the time and kick your family out of the house for a few days 🙂  Below are some fun examples of what you can do to make a pretty big statement without having to spend a ton of money.


Get out your stencils, purchase your paint and give your floors the funk they deserve.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly it will change the room and how easy it is to do a quick and cost efficient make-over.