I’ve been admiring this Oomph collection for quite sometime now and I was just looking at their website in search of a great, fun, casual lacquered game table.  Although they didn’t have what I was looking for I thought I’d share the site with those who haven’t come across it yet or are in need of something bright and funky to spice up a room!  I can’t say there’s anything in their collection that I don’t like.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do and find a spot to add a little Oomph in your life.

In case you missed it above you can shop online at Oomph to find just the right piece and just right the color for your home!

Architectural Digest published a fantastic article in their August 2010 issue entitled “Inspired by You”.  They asked their readers what they wanted to know specifically about interior design and then had top designers weigh in with their simple advice.  Some of the questions asked were as follows:

Q: What colors tend to work better for large rooms? small rooms?

Q: What items should you splurge on?  Where can you cut corners?

Q: Are there any interior paint colors you feel should be avoided?

To get the answers to these questions and more, go to the article on AD’s website and see what other useful tips they have to offer online.

The 4th of July is around the corner and it’s time to throw together a quick, inexpensive yet chic table setting(s) and party decor for all of those guests that are coming over this weekend.  Don’t stress, stay calm and browse through some of these great and easy ideas to make your table stand out this holiday!  All it takes is a few arts and crafts, a quick trip to your local party store and a little baking..

These paper lanterns were made by the ever so creative Martha Stewart

Use red, white and blue tissue paper or wrapping paper to create whimsicle designs.  You can also cut out and make your own placemats using the same paper!

You can never go wrong with BIG, round paper lanterns from your local party store

Get out your white mugs and plates and splash the table with patriotic flags which can also be found at your local party store

Mix and match your napkins and placemats with your generic white china

Sometimes all it takes is a simple red napkin.  You could add a thick blue ribbon down the center of the table runner and voila…red, white and blue!

Look how gorgeous these carnation balls are!  Im sure you could find dyed blue ones as well and if not, you can dye them yourself!  Thoroughly saturate a 3″ sphere of floral foam with cool water and insert your short carnation stems until the entire sphere is covered.  How easy does that sound?

Dessert!  This is a sure way to decorate your table and get your guests to stay until the end.  Try the Barefoot Contessa’s recipe for flag cake.

Use blueberries and raspberries on white frosted cupcakes

Martha Stewart’s Red, White and Blue Desserts

People often think of the color grey as boring and dull and lump it in the same category as black and white (which is also by no means boring and dull).  In decorating, grey can add an element to a room that you never knew existed.  Just because you’re not adding bright reds or oranges doesn’t mean your room will be any less exciting…and if you’re dying to add that bright punch, grey is the perfect color to play off of and accessorize with.  Take a look at some of these beautiful designs done with the color grey:

This beautiful bookshelf was “grey-washed” and has the perfect balance of rustic and elegance

All the greys and natural materials (wood, glass and metal) play off of each other to create this romantic Living Room

The grey tufted headboard paired with calming whites keeps this bedroom very serene

The grey floral wallpaper and crushed grey velvet tufted ottoman make this otherwise dull room shine!

Ahhh…grey (possibly velvet cut?) damask against stark white contrast trim

A Design Star duo from HGTV created this innovative Dining Room with this geometric pattern on the walls and floor.  Talk about making a statement!

The men from this season’s Design Star on HGTV created this space using grey on the walls and added a focus wall of bright colored stripes

Definitely don’t be afraid of charcoal lacquered walls

It’s all about the contrast in this entry hall

I’ve got the BLUES

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Outside of blue being my favorite color I’ve noticed that it’s made a comeback in decorating in a big way.  Not only are people leaning towards more blues, they’re leaning towards the brighter more electric blues that add a huge POP to any color scheme.  Blue is probably the most calming color because we associate it with water and sky — that’s not to say a brighter more electric blue will keep you calm and resting in your seat.  Take a look at the mix of blues I found and see which one works best for you.

A calming, more elegant living room with subtle and soft blues

A baby blue sofa with a bolder bamboo wallpaper adds an edge to the room and makes it less traditional

Bolder fabrics from Quadrille create a nice splash in this LR

A turquoise painted floor changes this kitchen from drab to fab very quickly

Ashley Whittaker painted her bookcase in an aqua high gloss which adds just enough punch without going overboard

A beautiful navy blue den.  Simple yet divine

A real simple baby blue wall and navy blue stripe on the floor gives this otherwise dull off white furniture a little lift

Another blue walled room that’s filled with fun, trendy fabrics and a zebra rug that’s calling for entertainment

This dining room is definitely for the daring, pop art loving, strong contrast kind of person.  If you’re going to use an electric blue on the walls…black and white are just enough to complete the room

Have fun with your wallpaper and floors by choosing geometric or tropical prints in blue

These blue throw cushions will add a ton of flavor to your furniture and may even hide the fact that it’s outdated and needs a facelift!

The kitchen (in most cases) is by far the most used room in your house, even if it’s a studio apartment in NYC and sits on one wall of your entire living space.  You cook (or at least grab a plate to put your take-out on), you eat (if there’s room), you feed your kids, your cats, your dogs and you usually end up congregating in the kitchen when you have people over.  So if you’re spending so much time in your kitchen why not spend time making it a really comfortable and cool space that both you and your visitors can enjoy.


Create a comfy place to sit if you have the room

Don’t be afraid to add a splash of color!

Make the breakfast nook as cozy as possible

As far as city living goes, you’re usually stuck working with a limited space.  No excuse to ignore your kitchen.  In fact, you should give it more love and attention.  Check out these great small kitchens and let them inspire you to create a cooking nest of your own.

A new hanging fixture, trendy colorful runner, simple subway tiles, new appliances and simple white cabinetry with updated hardware has made this small space desireable to hang out in.  Are you asking for too many cooks in the kitchen?  Maybe, but if that’s the case, you’ve done something right!

Use your pots and pans as decoration and design

The floor is the best place to add a little punch.  If checkerboard isn’t your thing, pick a pattern that is and get out your paint brush.

Again, the floor has been given some life and the roman shade adds an element of modern chic

One of my favorite small kitchens by Ruthie Sommers.  Don’t be afraid to paint the walls in a small space a dark color.  Just remember to keep the cabinetry and trim bright and popping – like this eye catching turquoise door!

Find a fun wallpaper and paste it to just one wall

So “BLUE” about being BACK!

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I’m BACK from Puerto Rico, and very, very “BLUE” about it!  Luckily I love BLUE – and after this, I’m sure you will too!


After being in Puerto Rico for a week and a half all I can think about is the bright blue hue of the Carribean, and how soothing it is to me.  I find it goes best with greens and yellows! Greens like the jungles in Vieques ( a little island we visited on our trip) and yellow for that beautiful sunshine! …and now I’m back in NY where it won’t stop raining!  Ughhh!


In this bedroom the blues are a subtle pop of color, but still give a tranquil, calming effect to the room! I love that bedspread too, and we all know how hard it is to find good bedding!


This is a more traditional take on blue. It’s a little more of a dusky blue, but none the less it is still calming in nature and perfect for a bedroom.


This room is WAY more my style, though I appreciate all styles! But I could definitely see one of my little girls having a similar bedroom in a few years! I absolutley ADORE the poka dots on the ottoman too! So cute, but not “TOO” cute!


This sofa is  UNBELIEVABLY CHIC thanks to that bright turquoise upholstery! Love it!


Another one more on the muted side, but again, it still works for me! I really do love green and blue together!


Royal blue leather! WOW, what a bold move and oh, how it makes this room come to life!


Turqoise and yellow.  A perfect marriage everytime! The greys and browns are beautiful with the blues and yellow too, and the patterns really make it all so funky. So GORGEOUS!

Ok, so I am feeling a little less glum after returning home from my amazing vacation (without the kids!..did I mention that part? Oh, yeah, it was a REAL vacation! Pics to come soon! 🙂

Yesterday I posted about just one color, Yellow, and it DID bring some sunshine to us here in NY! So today I thought I’d continue with the color theme and go with my favorite little set of hues, “jewel tones”. I do a lot of these colors in my own work and they never cease to do wonders with a space! I’m very into “haute-femme” decor, and these babies are key to achieving that look. These tones are also very hot in fashion and whether you are wearing them or sitting on them, they always seem to make the blood rush!

I am totally putting together my dream house with this post! And this would be my couch! Emerald green is such a beautiful color and on the sofa it really is the main focus of this photo! It’s mesmerizing!

What a great eclectic mix! A little mid century a little baroque and of course the jewel tones make it so femme. I really wish I could see the rest of this French pink chaise. It is totally my style!

Jonathan Alder-Elle Decor

I am so in love with this bedroom, and that insanely cool bed! I also love the jewel tones in this room and I am totally going to steal that wall color (Benjamin Moore “Pre-Dawn Sky”). I am so jealous of that little girl! I want your room!

All in all, if you want some sexy, flirty fun in your home, take a visit to Tiffany’s for some inspiration! If your husband/boyfriend objects to your girly palette, just do what I do and wait until he goes out of town! They are usually too lazy to repaint!

Hello Yellow!

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I am hoping that this post about such a sunny color will help to take away this gloomy weather we are having here in NYC.  It really is a cheerful hue!

This is one of my favorite bedroooms and it was designed by one of my favorite designers, Jamie Drake. It is actually his own bedroom in his NYC apartment. I almost went there once…almost.

But I have met him atleast 4 times because I am a little bit of a stalker when it comes to my favorite designers! I went to his book signing, his open house tour, his speech at High Point, etc, etc. Hopefully he’ll remember me next time we “bump into eachother” 😉

Yellow goes RETRO! It’s a great detail in some unexpected places like around the doors and on the sides of the chairs. Thanks for the pic FLICKR!

Office by Jessica Claire. You just can’t beat black, white, and yellow! It’s so dramatic and I’m a bit of a drama queen!

Betsey Johnson’s Dining Room

OMG! I absolutely freakin’ LOVE this dining room. The yellow totally makes it all pop. Pink and yellow together is definitely one of my favorite color schemes, and of course a nice bold graphic black and white rug to amp up the funk factor. I found this photo here, but I believe it was first published in Domino or Elle Decor. Love them both!

Yeah, I did it again. I’m obsessed! I literally can’t help myself because I LOVE KELLY WEARSTLER, …and I think she invented yellow, so it only makes sense! ANYWAY, this is the Viceroy Palm Springs.

As I was looking through magazines and websites for inspiration for my newest project I came across these amazingly fresh and bold rooms from Domino’s website. Check out a few of the rooms, I am sure it will inspire anyone who is stuck in a rut. There are many more rooms displayed so please make sure you go to Domino for a list of resources and other decorating ideas.

Happy painting to you all!