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I’m currently looking for inexpensive office space in NYC which is next to impossible, but as I look around I begin to fantasize about how I would decorate the space (which would most likely be tiny).  There’s a fine line between the things you need (things that will actually make your office function properly) and the things you want (chandeliers, window treatments, a trendy desk and expensive art work).  So if you could design your own office and money was no issue, what would you do to the space?  I found a few offices/work spaces that I love and would probably take a little piece of each of them to create my own dream space.

An over the top design by Jonathan Adler that makes you want to create a gallery wall with all kinds of mixed media

Bunny Williams work space at home.  Things that make you go hmmm (love, love, love!)

The lacquered bookshelves and ceiling are to die for

A simple system at home with lots of shelving and storage!

An artists/decorators dream

A modern approach that’s sleek and clean

Go bold or go home!

There are so many things you can do to your office to create a fun and inviting space.  Just because it’s your office doesn’t mean is has to be blah.  The more fun you have with it, the more excited you’ll be to go to work every day!

I’ve been noticing a lot of bars and restaurants lately that have that rustic yet chic atmosphere to them and I’m liking what I see/what I’m surrounded by.  From the old fashioned Edison bulbs, to rustic wood paneling, wood floors mixed with the perfect subtle and smooth stones on the bar or the tables, there’s something so calming and inviting about these spaces.  I’ve shared a few of my favorites I’ve been to recently so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about. Enjoy the viewing and definitely visit one if not all of these spots when in NYC.  Not only is the atmosphere delicious but so is the food!

De Santos on W. 10th Street

This garden is my new favorite in the neighborhood

L’Artusi on West 10th Street

This restaurant is a little more chic than rustic but I had to share because I really enjoyed my meal and the atmosphere.  The stripes on the ceiling might be my favorite touch.

Wilfie & Nell on West 4th Street

Smith and Mills on N. Moore Street

Talk about a fabulous garage make-over with coffered ceilings. wow!

Highlands on W. 10th Street

Sweetiepie Restaurant located at 19 Greenwich Ave, NY, NY is appeasing on two very important levels for me. The first is of course with its delightfully girly decor, and the second with its sweet indulgences catering to my very naughty sweet tooth! Mmmmmm, heaven!

They also feature a full menu including “Grilled Alaskan Salmon”, “Beat Risotto”, and “Chicken Schnitzel”! For dessert you will enjoy such treats as the “Sweetiepiglet”,  and the “Blueberry Fool”.


I love the tufting on this banquette.  I actually did something similar for a client’s apartment and that is how I found out abut this place. She said “You have to go to Sweetie Pie, the banquettes look just like the one in my apartment!”


Mirrored ceilings and walls make the space so bright and reflective and really give the space that “sparkle” we designer’s are always after!


You can actually sit and eat in that giant birdcage in the front of the restaurant! SO much fun! And of course I love the bubblegum pink!


Sweetpie even comes with cute bartenders! Good thing I’m married, otherwise I might be a little self conscious stuffing my face full of cupcakes in front of  Cutiepie!  😉

Who are Yoo?

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Yoo is an international  investment property company developing hotels, residential buildings, rental spaces and spa development projects in major towns and cities all over world.  It was founded by none other than Phillipe Starck, the genius behind the infamous “ghost chair”.  Starck is taking his design aesthetic across oceans and turning “Yoo” into a mega mogul of the design world.  Here’s a peek at what the flamboyant minimalist has been up to…


Yoo Copenhagen: Philipe Starck’s signature look is the marriage of the sleek modern and baroque ornate aesthetics to create something that is totally YOO…and totally ME!!! Wow, the puns just go on and on.


This is a  building near Wallstreet in NYC with itsy bitsy rentals for $4,000 and up (it’s NY, what do you expect), but WOW, you can’t beat this lobby.  I was actually lucky enough to see it in person a few months ago, and it is just as impressive if not more impressive, in person. Another signature of the Philippe Starck aesthetic is his very minimalist color schemes and one of those colors is usually grey or white.


Yoo Panama City: If you love this mural try checking out the wall murals on  ALL POSTERS.COM like this black and white one of Clint Eastwood below.  This is very unexpected, nice and bold in black and white, a little kitschy, which of course I love.



Another Panama City Yoo image. You’ll notice Starck always has amazing chandeliers too! Oh how I love a good chandelier! He picks just a few pieces that really make a huge dramatic statement and then leaves the rest of the space so clean and “stark”… yeah, I went there.


Yoo Boston: Starck is also a huge Fornasetti fan (the images on the plates…I don’t know how  I just remembered that name, I can’t even remember my neighbors’ names!  Wow, I’m rather impressed with myself right now!) Anyway, more than likely they have some kind of marketing collaboration, or both, because Fornasetti does totally rock out with it’s porcelain out.  Ok, I’ll stop.


Yoo Copenhagen: Again with the cool chandeliers, again with the white, again with the mod mix, uber-chic, damn I wish my house always looked that spotless (never gonna happen), Starck look.


El Porteno Hotel, Argentina: I’m not sure if this is under the “Yoo” name, but Philippe Starck did design this AMAZING hotel, and I don’t want to go overboard with the Philippe Starck posts, so I’ll just throw it in here because it is WAY too good to leave out! This restaurant is SO HOT! Again, my family would stain everything in here, but a girl can dream can’t she!

Love it!


Speaking of dreaming, I love this bed too! I should have put this in my last post on fabulous beds! This is also from the El Porteno Hotel. So Chic…or, as my fashion industry friends always say, “So Fierce” (they really do say that, it’s not just a lot of Project Runway hype!). That leads me to my next post. What a week in fashion heaven I’ve had here in NYC.  It was all so SATC! (Sex and The City for those of you who don’t know). I went to my friend’s debut fashion show Thursday and it was un-freakin-believable, then today I helped out at a fashion shoot for a magazine that was shot in a loft I designed!  So much fun. I took a ton of pics and will be blogging all about it soon! Till then, Liv CHIC!

I was so excited to do this post until I realized how hard it is to find pictures of the Morgan Group’s Hotels that they will actually let you download! Their hotels are AMAZING and I was only able to find a few pictures that I could post, but PLEASE, PLEASE check out their site if you really want to see some cool decor!

….below I have posted what few pics they did share or what I managed to find on flickr!

The Hudson Hotel-NY

I met a client here last year and it really is breathtaking in person! Of course, the rooms are small, but it’s NY, what do you expect? It’s all about the lighting at the Hudson. From the neon yellow back-lit walls that enclose the escalator as you first enter which brings you to the front desk where you are greeting by momentous chandeliers! Then in the bar area the floors are made of back lit opaque lucite that create such a sexy, modern, NY vibe. I thought Carrie Bradshaw was going to walk in any second!

This is the bar I was explaining. So chic! I love how they use the modern ghost chairs and fiberglass elements with the traditional pieces.

Definitely my style!

Mondrian Hotel in Miami

You really have to go to their site to see all the amazing photos which they BLOCK ME FROM DOWNLOADING! That’s a little annoying. Fortunately I somehow found a few online that in no way do this GORGEOUS hotel any justice!

The Royalton-NY

Oh, how I do love a good tuft!

The Sanderson Hotel -London

I LOOOOOOOVVVVEEE how outrageous this decor is! It’s so surreal and unexpected, like a dream I never want to wake up from!

Notice all the eyes are different! So cool. They really put a lot of thought into the details! It pays off!

Wow, I’m inspired! I think you will see more hotels from me this week!

Bar Breton, NYC

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A very talented mill worker and designer whom I’ve worked with in the past just shared his latest project with me. Bar Breton is a new casual restaurant in the Flatiron area of Manhattan (actually a block away from my old office). I had walked by the space a million times before and had been inside briefly during construction. It was very dark and dingy in it’s previous life so you could imagine my surprise and delight with the finished project. I had to share with all of you!

I love the fresh colors of soft mauve and yellow and the white millwork. According to the designer, Francois Chambard of UM Project, many interior elements are a mix of old a new. The table tops are made from reclaimed wood as well as Corian, an unusual but stunning combination. UM’s website also explains the organization of the restaurants space with the front having the feel of a traditional bistro.

Note the detail of the reclaimed wood and Corian table top above!

Different lighting helps define the spaces with the middle of the restaurant acting as the “classic bar with intimate booths”. I also know that the booths were original to the former restaurant. Simply refinishing them is always an eco-friendly option. I really like the simple “post style” of the wall fixtures and the light pattern they leave on the wall.

I think the back is my favorite part of the space. I especially love the mix and match chairs and tables and white mill work. It makes you feel like you’re eating in a friends kitchen which is exactly how the designer wants you to feel: “the back suggests an old country house living room.”

The crowning jewel may be this intricately carved fixture with hanging goblets.

Thanks to Francois for sharing his work with me! Photos courtesy of UM Project’s website. Bar Breton serves breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, Dinner and Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Um, 1 for brunch, a table in the back please!

Let Them Eat Steak!

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With the opening of UNION PRIME at 9 East 16th Street comes the newest NYC restaurant bringing together steak and ladies. Designed by the legendary Carleton Varney, UNION PRIME evokes a bold glamour that it’s patrons are sure to enjoy. Varney is the President and Owner of the iconic Interior Design firm Dorothy Draper & Co. For those of you who are not aware, Ms. Draper could easily be considered the founder of the Interior Design industry. She opened her own firm (which was the first of it’s kind) in 1923 and had over 40 years of success in the business. She was known for her signature “cabbage rose” chintz paired with bold stripes, ornate moldings and intricate mirror frames, all of which are present in Varney’s design.

Take a look:

A silver antique Butler’s cart greets you at the entry.

Dining Room and bar. I love the bow detail woven into the pendants above the bar.

The Zebra wood below the antique metal (possibly zinc?) bar top is a nice and unexpected touch.

Large scale roses on black walls and painted scroll work on red. Very chic.

The bold black and red stripes add some masculinity to the space and tie in the black and red Rose motif throughout. Another masculine detail I’m quite fond of are the upholstery tacks on the dining chairs. (Sorry, I didn’t get a good picture of those.)

The palm ceiling fixtures are very “Old Hollywood Glam”.

Ornate framed mirrors. Part of the “Draper Touch”.

So if you’re in the mood for a rugged steak with a refined attitude UNION PRIME should be your next stop. Enjoy the signature drinks, steaks, sushi, and modern glamour with your girlfriends. Varney has done a fabulous job of channeling Dorothy Draper through a contemporary vein and I have a feeling the Queen of Interior Design would be quite pleased!