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I spent most of my afternoon at the Soho House visiting with the Merida girls who gave us the inside scoop on the textile design process from concept to creation.   The creativity and detail that goes into each design convinced me that I need to take a trip to Boston to see their design studio and get a tour of the weaving mill – so that’s the plan.  I’m hoping to make my way up this Fall with my friends from Tilton Fenwick who are both former Boston girls (BC and Tufts), as am I.  Until then, I leave you with this; some beautiful images from Merida’s website so you can see a glimpse of their beautiful collection.

A design by Barclay Butera via Merida Meridian

Another Design by Barclay

The viewpoint wool collection

Celerie Kemble’s collection which there will be more of this summer!

Waffle Weave

Felted Cable design

Diamond sisal from their Broadway collection

Thanks again to the team (Catherine, Roxanne, Nicola, Maegan, Siobhan, Whitney) at Merida for having us today and showing us such a beautiful collection.  Each and every member of the team was so welcoming and talented.  I can’t wait to see you all in Boston soon!

So as it turns out, one of the stenciled floors I posted last week (the turquoise bathroom with white medallions) was a stencil created and sold by Sunny Goode.  She designs these stencils to make it fun and easy for you to create a whimsical touch on your walls, your floors, your furniture – wherever your heart desires!  Check out Sunny’s website for more decorative paint ideas and products.  Looks as though she’s come up with some pretty bright ideas!

Looking for a change but don’t want to break the bank on this project?  Why not paint the floor in your powder room or or entry hall or guest bedroom or wherever you’re dying to mix things up.  It’s something you can do yourself if you carve out the time and kick your family out of the house for a few days 🙂  Below are some fun examples of what you can do to make a pretty big statement without having to spend a ton of money.


Get out your stencils, purchase your paint and give your floors the funk they deserve.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly it will change the room and how easy it is to do a quick and cost efficient make-over.

People often think of the color grey as boring and dull and lump it in the same category as black and white (which is also by no means boring and dull).  In decorating, grey can add an element to a room that you never knew existed.  Just because you’re not adding bright reds or oranges doesn’t mean your room will be any less exciting…and if you’re dying to add that bright punch, grey is the perfect color to play off of and accessorize with.  Take a look at some of these beautiful designs done with the color grey:

This beautiful bookshelf was “grey-washed” and has the perfect balance of rustic and elegance

All the greys and natural materials (wood, glass and metal) play off of each other to create this romantic Living Room

The grey tufted headboard paired with calming whites keeps this bedroom very serene

The grey floral wallpaper and crushed grey velvet tufted ottoman make this otherwise dull room shine!

Ahhh…grey (possibly velvet cut?) damask against stark white contrast trim

A Design Star duo from HGTV created this innovative Dining Room with this geometric pattern on the walls and floor.  Talk about making a statement!

The men from this season’s Design Star on HGTV created this space using grey on the walls and added a focus wall of bright colored stripes

Definitely don’t be afraid of charcoal lacquered walls

It’s all about the contrast in this entry hall

The kitchen (in most cases) is by far the most used room in your house, even if it’s a studio apartment in NYC and sits on one wall of your entire living space.  You cook (or at least grab a plate to put your take-out on), you eat (if there’s room), you feed your kids, your cats, your dogs and you usually end up congregating in the kitchen when you have people over.  So if you’re spending so much time in your kitchen why not spend time making it a really comfortable and cool space that both you and your visitors can enjoy.


Create a comfy place to sit if you have the room

Don’t be afraid to add a splash of color!

Make the breakfast nook as cozy as possible

As far as city living goes, you’re usually stuck working with a limited space.  No excuse to ignore your kitchen.  In fact, you should give it more love and attention.  Check out these great small kitchens and let them inspire you to create a cooking nest of your own.

A new hanging fixture, trendy colorful runner, simple subway tiles, new appliances and simple white cabinetry with updated hardware has made this small space desireable to hang out in.  Are you asking for too many cooks in the kitchen?  Maybe, but if that’s the case, you’ve done something right!

Use your pots and pans as decoration and design

The floor is the best place to add a little punch.  If checkerboard isn’t your thing, pick a pattern that is and get out your paint brush.

Again, the floor has been given some life and the roman shade adds an element of modern chic

One of my favorite small kitchens by Ruthie Sommers.  Don’t be afraid to paint the walls in a small space a dark color.  Just remember to keep the cabinetry and trim bright and popping – like this eye catching turquoise door!

Find a fun wallpaper and paste it to just one wall

Everyone Needs Color!

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