Rebecca Soskin- MG NY

Rebecca Tier Soskin Interior Design

20 Questions for Rebecca

Name three cities you’ve lived in. Florence, Boston, New York

What is your Starbucks order? Depends on the day –tall non-fat mocha frappuccino on a HOT day and sometimes just a tall black coffee on a cold day.  I tend to go to local bakeries for my coffee – they have hazelnut flavor which is my favorite

Three words that would describe your perfect client. Decisive, friendly, trusting

If you weren’t a designer you’d be a… Singer or play an instrument in a band…except I can’t do either so luckily I’m a designer

Which celeb’s style is most similar to your own? I guess I’d say Jennifer Aniston.  Understated yet chic

Favorite Beauty Product? Bobbi brown shimmer bronze for my face.  Just enough gives the perfect glow!

Soda, pop, or coke –what do you call a soft drink? Soda.  Although I loved calling it “pop” when I was younger and visiting my cousins in Illionois

Favorite fabric? It’s too hard to pick just one –  that’s why we’re designers!  I’m loving Schumacher’s Imperial Trellis II and geometric patterns in general these days

Your signature design element? Incorporating something geometric

Flats or Heels? Flats to get around heels to hit the town

One of your favorite paint colors? Blue. It’s my favorite color is general

Favorite museum? The Guggenheim in Venice

Every room needs… A splash of color

Dream vacation spot? Bora bora

Biggest design pet peeve? Tassels

Gold or Silver? Gold

Guilty Pleasure TV Show? The Bachelorette

Favorite Book? Domino ‘the book of decorating’

Strangest job you’ve ever had? Nothing too strange yet.  If it’s strange enough, I probably won’t take the job!

Favorite room/space to design? The bedroom

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